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Michael Vick Inks Deal With Cleveland; Welcome To The Dog Pound

empire-sports-michael-vick-cleveland-browns-dog-poundCleveland, Ohio –

Desperate for a new signal caller, the Cleveland Browns are looking to fill their need with a controversial quarterback.

The Browns had shown interest in finding a new quarterback for some time now. Weeden had not cut it and Hoyer could not do much help as he struggled to recover from injury.

Most people expected Cleveland to use pick number 4 on a franchise QB this season. Now, news out of Cleveland is confirmed that the Browns have signed ex-Falcon Michael Vick to a 5 year 20 million dollar deal.

Browns GM,  Ray Farmer, has stated that they still may consider drafting a QB but Vick will help fill an immediate need.

Michael Vick, who has a past with Dog fighting, will now be part of the ‘dog pound’.

There have already been a small group of fans protesting on the streets of the stadium before the police had to kindly ask them to take it somewhere else.

Vick’s agent believes the fans will buy into the new Vick, and this could be a step in the right direction as Vick tries to sell his new dog lover image while Ray Farmer believes these are the types of moves the Browns must take to finally get back on top.

Today, several big names around the NFL have commented on the news.

“Why would I care? I just want to focus on my own team right now.” – Joe Flacco

“Good for Vick, can’t wait to duel it out vs them.” – Ben Roethlisberger

“I don’t care who their quarterback is. Either way we are just going to sweep them.” – Andy Dalton

“Well who ever the quarterback is we’ll make sure to watch plenty of film and make sure we are ready.” – John Harbaugh

“I feel I could of been better last season. I’ll make sure to keep trying for improvement, and hope that if Vick starts that he earned it.” – Brandon Weeden

Breaking News: 49ers Head Coach Jim Harbaugh Traded To Cleveland

empire-sports-jim-harbaugh-traded-clevelandCLEVELAND, OH-

In a shocking event Jim Harbaugh has just been traded from San Francisco to Cleveland. Cleveland who gets Harbaugh and QB Colt McCoy sends San Fran their 1st round pick for next year and DE/OLB Barkevious Mingo.

Harbaugh was asked about it and doesn’t seem interested in his new home. I managed to get in contact with Harbaugh himself and ask him a few questions and he did not hold back:

RW: Jim thanks for talking to us. What are your thoughts on being traded away against your own will?

Jim Harbaugh: “To be quite honest I think its complete bullshit. This San Francisco team was a below .500 team and I took them to Superbowl contenders. The fact that they are so willing to get rid of me and all the hard word and late nights I put up I feel completely disrespected.”

RW:  Now that you officially belong to Cleveland what actions do you plan to do to fix this Cleveland team?

Harbaugh: “Well this wont be a 1 year rebuild. But I do like the fact I was able to bring Colt McCoy with. He is a great young man who I feel has a massive upside in the NFL. He gets a chance at QB before I plan on even taking a QB. We need some help on the Offensive Line, Runningback and a few holes on the defensive side before this team can compete.”

RW: Are there any positives out of this trade for you? Its clear you are not happy but are willing do your job here despite the disrespect from your former team.

Harbaugh: Well after shipping me off I don;t think I could go back to San Fran and look at the front office guys again with a smile or even have anything nice to say to them. The only positive I can see if that I get to see my brother twice a year now. Besides that im in a complete state of shock. It will time time to get this processed.”

There you have it. Jim Harbaugh/Colt McCoy to Cleveland and Barkevious Mingo + a 2015 1st Round Pick to San Fran. As this story makes the rounds its sure to cause a huge rift in the NFL and in locker rooms now that one of the top NFL coaches is sent to a completely different conference.

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