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Jim Harbaugh Leads Pee-Wee Team To NFL

Jim Harbaugh coaching up his future NFL team
Jim Harbaugh coaching up his future NFL team

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA-   Jim Harbaugh over the course of the past month has led a struggling youth pee-wee football team to developing into their own NFL dream team. The team is a group of a dozen young boys ranging in ages from 7-9 years old, and Jim Harbaugh believes they have what it takes to make it big in the pros.

The deal to add the team to the NFL was discussed with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Tuesday afternoon, which landed the deal for the young stars to land a spot in the NFC West opposing the 49ers. The team has begun to build a stadium across from the 49ers ‘Candlestick Park’, and the organization has yet to release any more information. The coaching staff plans to add Mark Sanchez as quarterback coach as of Richie Incognito and Terrell Owens with other positional coaching spots.

The new team has yet to release any more details on their uniforms, staff, or even the team name, but roster movements are happening every second. The young boy named Nate from the commercial ‘Play 60’  featuring Cam Newton has joined the team to play as quarterback. With the new young prodigy Nate being added to the team roster we have been told Cam Newton’s mom has told the press Nate is now her favorite player, over her son Cam Newton, leading Newton into being cut from the Panthers in the last hour from embarrassment to the Panthers organization.

While more information is being released hourly we will update the story over the course of the day.