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Joe Rogan Fails Drug Test; Suspended By UFC

empire-sports-ufc-suspends-joe-rogan-marijuana-pot-brownies-mma-fight-deadLAS VEGAS, NEVADA—

Stand up comedian and UFC fight commentator, Joe Rogan, has been suspended by the UFC for failing a company mandated drug test. The UFC has long tested the fighters, but just recently started the testing process for all employees and sub contractors. Rogan has been a part of the UFC since 1997 & has received much acclaim for the broadcast work he has done for UFC fights. Rogan has been suspended indefinitely and his temporary replacement will be Chael Sonnen.

This news is quite peculiar, as Joe Rogan is a very outspoken proponent of marijuana. He hosts a very popular podcast on which he adamantly supports the legalization of the drug, and regularly gets high in preparation for the show. Mr. Rogan went on Twitter to comment about his suspension, saying it was really ridiculous and he hoped it would be straightened out soon. “There was no need for a drug test, I told them I ate some pot brownies a couple hours before the testing. They wasted their time”, tweeted the former Fear Factor host. We reached out to the Rogan camp and spoke with a Brian Redban, who produces Rogan’s podcast. Redban, a very relaxed stoner himself, stated that his boss was going to be just fine if the UFC never called him back to work at all. “Joe has so much money, it is insane dude. How do you think we get to do a three hour podcast everyday? It ain’t magic SON! We are flush with cash, Joe just loves MMA so it is a labor of love for him.”

I for one, hope this is resolved quickly. Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan make up one of the best tandems in sports commentary today. It is odd to think that a stand up comedian could be the best choice for play by play MMA action, but Rogan is great at his job.

**Update** Dana White has just announced that the UFC will no longer test for marijuana. White released a statement saying, “The UFC will continue to test for steroids and other harmful drugs like meth and cocaine. But we are going to use common sense and discontinue testing for pot. Joe Rogan is reinstated immediately. That means right fucking now! By the way, the suit that had the bright idea to suspend Rogan, has been fired”. This is great news for fight fans and the UFC. Perhaps the US government and other corporations should take note of this decision. It is bad to think that Dana White is the only voice of reason here in the USA.