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Muhammad Ali Knocks Out Home Invader At Louisville Home

Enpire-sports-muhammad-ali-break-in-burglar-knocked-outLouisville, KY-

At 72 years of age, Muhammad Ali still packs a punch. Unfortunately for one not-so-lucky burglar, that punch happened to be directed at his face, which soon after was introduced to the wonderful craftsmanship of Ali’s Brazilian wood flooring.

Police responded to a report early Monday morning of an attempted robbery in the home of former boxing heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali.

Ali reported that he was awoke from noise coming from inside his home.  When he got up to investigate he found an unknown man rummaging through his closets.  The man attempted to flee, but not before Ali landed a punch to the side of his face, knocking him to the floor.

The incident occurred a little after 3:00 a.m. at the Ali residence in the east end of Louisville, KY. When police arrived, the suspect had fled in a vehicle.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office searched the area, including with a tracking dog, but failed to find the suspect. Police said there is no risk to the public but gave no more details.

The suspect was described as a young white male in his early 20’s with short brown hair and a large dent in his face about the size of Muhammad Ali’s fist.