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Coach Krzyzewski Urged To Retire By Donors After Racist Remarks Toward Mercer Player

empire-sports-coach-k-mike-krzyzewski-racist-mercer-remarkDurham, North Carolina—

If losing to Mercer wasn’t bad enough, it just got worse for Duke. Evidently no one thought to watch out for possible rash actions by people affiliated with the Blue Devils, especially the head coach. I guess the next time they lose to a school that is only known for…. well nothing really, they will monitor the team’s online activities more closely afterward.

According to online witnesses, at about 12:15 AM on Friday night, a disturbing comment popped up on the YouTube video of Mercer guard, Kevin Canevari, dancing the “Nae Nae”. Now, for folks to consider a YouTube comment disturbing, it has to be bad, as those comments usually start off insulting, then get laced with profanity, and eventually turn racist or sexist. According to YouTube user “bitches_just_wanna_have_fun”, she was really shocked to see such hatred from a commenter about a fun-filled athlete celebration video.

Apparently a well-known hacker figured out the IP address of the commenter and low and behold it was coach Mike Krzyzewski. Coach K apparently thought he could remain anonymous, just by using a different user name. He is not a tech savvy teenager after all. We cannot share the exact comment in this article for fear of offending too many readers. But Coach K basically threatened to physically harm the Mercer player / dancer, Canevari, as well as immediate members of his family. Coach K went on to make several racist remarks because he apparently did not bother to watch the video and assumed the dance celebration was done by a black player? Krzyzewski, after being found out, said the only reason for the racist references were because he thought that was a prerequisite for posting a comment on YouTube.

This rumor of donors urging Coach Krzyzewski to step down after this embarrassing online incident will not go away. It is hard to imagine Duke losing their head basketball coach over a stupid YouTube video. But Duke has lost in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament twice in three years. So I guess anything is possible. Check out the video that started all this drama.