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Lebron James’ Black Mask Stolen, Sold On eBay For $50,000

A screen shot of the listing on ebay of Lebron’s black mask


Last Thursday Lebron James shocked fans and scared the crap out of his NBA opponents when he took the court wearing a custom black carbon-fiber mask to protect his broken nose in a game against the New York Knicks.

On Saturday, however, James appeared on court wearing a clear mask.  An ESPN report stated a claim by someone in the Lebron camp that he didn’t wear the black mask due to a request made by the league. But news reports today show that that claim may have been a cover-up.

An individual close to James was asked on Saturday about the mask and he stated that, “someone stole the mask out of Lebron’s locker.”

That claim was unverified and didn’t seem to hold much validity until Sunday afternoon when the mask was discovered for sale on eBay for an amazing $50,000.

Several bids were made on the auction before eBay shut it down Sunday night and removed the page from their site.

The Lebron James camp has yet to comment on the mask since the eBay listing appeared.