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WNBA Star Becky Hammon Says She’ll Give Blowjob To Anyone That Beats Her In HORSE


editor’s note: This bit of satirical comedy is currently posted with an “unconfirmed” status.


Hundreds of men eagerly lined up outside of a WNBA practice facility in San Antonio, Texas this morning after a very interesting challenge was issued by San Antonio Stars player Becky Hammon via her Twitter account on during the night.

Becky Hammon blowjob tweet


It didn’t take long before basketball courts all around San Antonio were packed with men practicing their jump shots.  Even a court near a retirement home in a wealthy suburb of San Antonio elderly men were seen chucking up shots from their wheelchairs.

“I haven’t had a BJ in 37 years!” said Joseph Goldsmith, a 82 year old retired postal worker. “I would have smacked a priest for a BJ but now I hear all I have to do is throw a ball in a hoop a couple times!”

The comment was removed from Twitter this morning but that hasn’t stopped men from continuing to line up to cash in on Hammon’s challenge.