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Baltimore Orioles Sign Underhand Pitcher With 105 MPH Fastball

empire-sports-orioles-underhand-pitcher-105-mph-Hidaki-leiBALTIMORE, Maryland –

The Baltimore Orioles have picked up an exciting new addition to their bullpen today; A free agent from across the sea has been picked up, and will be placed on the Orioles’ roster. The player is Hidaki Lei, a 24 year old player who can throw some crazy heat behind the mound. Hidaki was being scouted by almost every team in the MLB for the past few months when a tape of him pitching hit YouTube in the United States.

Hidaki was clocked at an astounding 105 MPH fastball, and threw 3 perfect games in one season for his previous team. The Orioles management feel that he will make a great fit for their organization.

To add some icing to this cake, Lei only throws the ball underhanded. It is a very odd pitching style that is not often used, but that has clearly been mastered by Lei. Lei is scheduled to make his pitching¬†debut for the O’s at the end of May.

“I’m excited to be a part of the this team, and I’m glad my skills can be used to help them hopefully win games. I had a lot of different offers come my way these past months, but this team seemed to fit me the most.” said Lei through a language interpreter.¬†“I began to throw like this at an early age, and it just felt right. I have tried to throw the ball over handed, but my speed fell dramatically.”

Lei has signed a 3 year contract with the Orioles, with possibility for an extension based on how he transitions into the season.