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Peyton Manning Arrested At Papa John’s; Stoned Out Of His Mind

IFWT_peyton_papa_johnsDenver, Colorado—

Being an all-star quarterback for the NFL has its perks, but at the same time it could add attention that you may not want. Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning learned this the hard way this previous Thursday night.

Peyton was arrested inside of a Papa Jonh’s Pizza shop, at a very late hour. The incident occurred when a disappointed Denver fan began harassing Manning saying “your down syndrome brother can win 2 super bowls and you can’t win one for us?”

Peyton replied “I’ve got more talent in my pinky then you, get out of my restaurant, we don’t want bitter people in here”(He happened to own that specific Papa Johns).

After this was said things escalated and the man threw a pizza he ordered at Peyton’s face burning him. The cops arrived shortly after, but the gentlemen had already fled the scene.

The ironic part of the entire thing is what Peyton said to the police which landed him behind bars.

“He told us he wasn’t looking for trouble, but the guy began to get violent.” said the police officer on the scene

“He continued to tell us he was very baked, laughing to himself, and knew that he could get free pizza from Papa Johns. He made a stupid joke saying it doesn’t matter how many TDs you score, if you own the place.”

The police then decided to search Manning, and found over an ounce of weed in his pocket which wouldn’t be a huge deal in Colorado, but they continued to find pills, cocaine, and  steroids in his car.

“He would have been fine if he wasn’t bragging about how messed up he was, we wouldn’t have even searched his car.” said the police officer

Due to the arrest Peyton may be benched this season, it all depends on how the trial will play out.