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Hamilton & Pujoles Flee From Anaheim

Last night, former all-stars Albert Pujoles and Josh Hamilton fled together from Anaheim, California. In a tweet from Hamilton this morning, he said that playing on the Angels sapped the talent right out of them. While playing on the Angels last season, the 2 had their worsts seasons in their careers.  He added ” They knew we wanted to leave so for all the off-season and had a guy look over us. We finally escaped while he was watching a baseball bloopers marathon. An Angels spokesperson announced that they have had the state police look out for the duo. ” It is essential that they come  back safely. Our best guess is that they are heading North the San Francisco since our state borders tracking devices on them have not gone off so they are still in the state”. Giants officials say that they will take the  two with open arms. Some are worried that it could turn into a all out fan riot if Pujoles and Hamilton enter AT&T stadium. Angels teammate Mike Trout said ” We are equipping our fans with ‘appropriate’ weapons to ‘raid’ Frisco if my 2 teammates enter that city.” We will give more updates as they happen and hope that there will be minimum fan violence.