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NBA Adds Lay-Up Competition To All-Star Weekend for Short Players

empire-sports-nba-layup-competition-contest-all-star-weekendBRONX, New York– With so many great athletes in the NBA, one of the highest viewed  competitions is the yearly NBA dunk contest. It is an event of pure talent, strength, and swagger as players from the NBA show how crazy they can get with their dunks. Throughout the years we have seen dunks no man thought could be possible.

Now, we are getting the chance to see some of the shorter, and whiter players get a chance to showcase their talents. The NBA has announced that coming next season a NBA Lay-Up Competition will take effect to show that other players in the NBA have skill to. Granted, it won’t be as faced paced and exciting as the dunk contest, people are optimistic about the event.

“That’s awesome!” said one white man

“How many different type of lay ups can a person honestly do? They will have to get extremely creative.” said another man

Their will be rules to this event to enter, and hearing the rules it truly does make things fair for those shorter players. Here are a few key rules pro basketball players must follow to enter.

1. Must be shorter than 6 feet tall

2. Must have at least one style of lay up

3. Must bring at least 10 paying customers to enter

4. A surcharge of $100 to enter

5. No one from the Miami Heat is allowed to enter

With a tough contest, and strict rules you know that the pay off for the winner will be huge right? Prizes include a trampoline, a sponsorship by Little Caesars, all you can eat bread buffet, and a ride on a Ferris wheel.




Kyrie Irving And LeBron James Fight After All-Star Game, Police Deputy Knocked Unconscious

empire-sports-labron-and-KyrieNEW ORLEANS –

Saturday, at the NBA All-Star game, Kyrie Irving stole the show. Even with his ankle-breaking handle, improbable finishes in the paint and his on-target passes, Irving finished his second All-Star game with 31 points and 14 assists.

Transforming into his alter ego – Mr. Fourth Quarter – the talented 21-year-old point guard scored 15 points in the final frame and led a furious rally for the Eastern Conference while Indiana’s Paul George, New York’s Carmelo Anthony and even the game’s most dominant player, LeBron James, took a back seat to Irving’s brilliance.

Irving’s night took a quick turn for the worst as many of the players decided to enjoy the New Orleans night life after the game. According to witnesses, Irving walked up to James and started joking with him about how he “used to be the best”– James tried to brush it off, but after repeated taunts, James flipped  and shoved him back. Soon members of James and Irving’s entourage got involved and the brawl quickly escalated – police were called to the scene as club bouncers and other players attempted to calm brawl.
While police tried to break up the fights, a deputy was attacked and knocked unconscious. Acadian Ambulance transported the deputy to the Terrebonne General medical Center where he was treated for a concussion, a bruised jaw and other minor injuries.

Kyrie Irving Mugshot
Kyrie Irving Mugshot

Police then arrested 21-year-old Kyrie Irving for disturbing the peace by intoxication, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest by violence. Irving remains in jail without bond at this time.

The Krewe of Hercules organization is cooperating with this investigation and trying to identify more suspects involved in the fights and more arrest are expected.

Re-spin via Global Flare

Metta World Peace calls Jennifer Lawrence ‘Dirty Bitch’ At All-Star Weekend Party

Empire-Sports-Metta-World-Peace-Jennifer-LawrenceNEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA-

Athletes and mega-stars flocked to The Big Easy this weekend to party like rock stars at festivities around town celebrating the NBA All-Star Weekend at Smoothie King Center.

Celebrities that could be spotted at various drinking holes around town included rappers Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne.  NBA Owner and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban made his appearance as well.

Most escaped festivities without incident, however, that’s not so true for one mega-star after an encounter with NBA bad-boy Meta World Peace.

Hunger Games star and Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and her friend, Brendan Kelly of Louisville, Ky, were attending a party at the Maison Club in downtown New Orleans when they ran in to Meta World Peace.

According to a witness who was at the club at the time, Kelly, originally from Flint, Michigan, jokingly said to World Peace, “You’re lucky I wasn’t at the Palace back in 04!” referring to the Malace in the Palace in which Meta, then known as Ron Artest, ran into the crowd and assaulted fans.

World Peace, who appeared to be highly intoxicated at the time, did not find the joke funny and snapped back. “You better get your boy, Hunger Games, before I choke his ass.”

Lawrence, who is well known for her outspoken nature, snapped back.  The tension mounted and looked to get very ugly before a friend of World Peace stepped in to calm him, but not before Meta was able to get in a few nasty words of his own.  Several witnesses at the club reported to have heard Meta call Jennifer a “dirty bitch” as they walked away.

Meta World Peace could not be reached for comments.