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Lebron James Challenges Aaron Rodgers To A Basketball Versus Football Shooting Showdown.

empire-sports-lebron-james-aaron-rodgersMiami Florida –

Lebron James the basketball hero. Rodgers the best arm in the NFL. In the ultimate showdown, this is just too good to be true. Don’t we all hope they get that one on a good TV station. Yet the best news is all the proceeds are going to charity. Here is what James posted on Rodgers Twitter.

“Hey, I know you have been known for having an awesome deep ball, and being super accurate. How about we try a little charity event, and see who is the real master shooter. I am game if you are.”

Rodgers later posted “Sounds fun, but if you lose you got to come on one of our discount double check commercials. Then send the check to charity. Discount double checking to charity.”

James then responded with “Oh, how about win or lose I come on that commercial, and discount double check to charity. Though if I win, you have to be my personal water boy. Both for the commercial and one of our games this season.”

Rodgers then came back with “Oh if you want play it that way? If I win you have to be my personal water boy on the discount double checking to charity commercial, and in our home opening game.”

James then sealed the deal with “Oh, this is so on. All we need now is to find a good date to set the event.”
After a few back and forward messages they plan to hold it sometime late spring to early summer. The time is not all the way set but you can bet this will be one epic event.