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Are They Who We Thought They Were? Top College Freshman Exit Early

empire-sports-andrew-wiggins-jabari-parker-draft-early-exit-ncaa-tournament-march-madnessThis past weekend two of the five prospects in this upcoming National Basketball Association (NBA) draft were removed from the NCAA tournament. Andrew Wiggins, regarded as a phenomenal athlete coming out of high school, struggled this weekend against a subpar team in Stanford . While only going 1-4 on shooting and scoring four points, he seriously failed to meet spectator expectations. Given his early age of just nineteen, he does have to improve his skills as an undergraduate player, however NBA teams are looking for players who are ready now. This season Wiggens has not showed that he was a superstar or a true captain.

Further critics are wondering, “Was Jabari Parker an overall better scorer than Wiggens?” In my personal opinion the kid has a knack for scoring success. His biggest weakness lies in his capability to defend, which happens to be Wiggens strength. In the game against Mercer , Jabari scored 14 points on 4-14 on shooting but was subbed out because of his lackluster defense. It leads one to wonder if this is the type of player you want leading your franchise. He’s no Steve Nash defensively, but Parker is playing the best position in basketball his defense has to improve or he’ll just be another bust with hype.

The NBA often debilitates itself by bringing in younger men to play against their bigger, faster, stronger, and more seasoned counterparts. Most of these young men are pulled by the allure of large paychecks but end up losing their love for basketball. Only time will tell if these guys will succeed or if The NBA’s top ten will bust. It makes you wonder should the NBA move it’s age of letting players come into the NBA up so they can develop their game and get a better education.

Rumors That 76ers Losing Games On Purpose; Tanking Season To Break Record

empire-sports-76ers-tank-season-michael-carter-williams-losing-streakPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania— 

The Sixers are breaking records this season, but not at all in a positive way. With only 15 wins this season Philadelphia fans are doing what they do best, and completely giving up on them. “Andy Reid is a bum, and the 76ers need a new coach” said one drunk angry fan.

The only thing the team has hopes on this season is to break the current record for longest losing streak by an NBA team. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost 26 straight games in the 2010–11 season, but players on the Sixers are optimistic that if they stay focused they can hold the next title of longest streak of games lost.

“It takes a lot of focus, and you have to play each game with the right mindset. It’s tough though to have to shoot once in a while, and sometimes the ball happens to go into the hoop. Do that enough and you win a game, which is not what we are trying to do.” said Nerlens Noel.

It has also been rumored that if the Sixers accomplish this goal, and continue to do terrible, they will retire the franchise completely. This meaning that there will  no longer be an NBA team in Philadelphia, which for some could mean at least a few months without disappointment.

“Phillies suck, Eagles suck, and the Sixers suck” said the owner of the NBA team. You know you can learn a lot from Philadelphia teams, they disappoint people in such a way there is almost an art to it, I’m just happy my team can follow trade. If we have the worst season in NBA history we would want to just give up there, and remain the worse team of all time, it would be an honor if we can pull this off”.