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NBA Adds 4-point Shot To Basketball

Quick draft of how the 4 point shot would look on courts

New York City, NY-

The NBA over the last couple of days have discussed the future of how the game of basketball will be played with the new addition of the 4-pointer. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has approved of the new addition, and plans to revamp all NBA courts by the end of the season with the new 4-point shot being one of the adds.

So where will this 4-point shot be? Well, we ourselves here at Empire Sports have been asking the same question. The 4-pointer is supposed to be placed 9 feet ahead of half-court, so basically where Jimmer Fredette takes all of his shots.

The players in the NBA have either loved it or hated this new add to the game. Over 10 Harlem Globetrotters have now been added to teams across the league to take advantage of this 4-point shot. Famous NBA stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant have yet to make comments on the issue, but so far the NBA’s players and fans seem supportive to the new rules.

Not only is the 4-point shot being added, but the courts are being expanded as well. Courts are now almost double in size, and league officials are contemplating on adjusting the NBA standard of 10 players on the court at a time to possibly even 14, making it 7 players for each team.

So when is this going to be taken into effect? Well, NBA representatives have not given an exact timeframe, but it is expected to be taken into full effect by the start of next season.

We will keep you updated as more of this story is being unfolded by the minute, stay tuned for more on Empire Sports.