Super Bowl 50 To Be Played in Ireland, NFL Fans Outraged

Belfast, Ireland – empire-sports-super-bowl-50-to-be-played-in-ireland

The location for the 2015 Super Bowl has been announced today and it is not receiving the applause that NFL officials thought it would. The next super bowl will be held in Belfast, Ireland, as a way to attempt to widen the fan base that the National Football League has in the world.

Stunts like this have been done before, such as Notre Dame playing college football games in Ireland, and the ratings that came from those games were outstanding. The NFL has attempted the same approach, but with such a big game, and with many fans not able to travel to see it in person, people are not happy.

“So I have to travel to a far away land to see a game that is already extremely expensive to watch?” Said Derek Paul, a fan who was planning on attending the Super Bowl this year for the first time.

Reports speculate that their may be some hidden ties here that we are un aware of.  Geoff Silver, a commissioner of the NFL, also happens to have some businesses in Ireland, and rumors have surfaces, alleging he is doing this for sponsorships and more money.

“I have heard the rumors and that is not the case.” Said Silver. “This has nothing to do with me. This was decision of the entire NFL committee as a whole.  We just want to broaden our horizons a bit, and have this special game somewhere besides the United States. On top of that, have you ever tried O’Malley Whiskey? It’s smooth as an Irish river and makes you feel like a warm summer day.”

So far no sales or sponsorship has been made for this upcoming Super Bowl with the exception of one,  O’Malley Irish Whiskey. It is unclear at this time who the game will be played for live, as most Americans will not be able to afford the travel, and the Irish don’t generally follow American football.  

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