Soccer Player In England Murdered For Missing Game-Winning Goal

empire-sports-english-soccer-player-murdered-missed-goal-gameLONDON, England—

That fact that we call a sport soccer, that the rest of the world calls football just shows how much The United States really cares about the sport.  No matter how passionate a fan of soccer you are, this is defiantly a story that will be in your head for awhile.

This following weekend during a pick up game of soccer, a player was killed when he missed a last minute goal to win the game. The way he went out was even more bizarre when things started to unravel.

“He told me before the game he had a bet, and would need to throw the game if it was in his hands” said the gentlemen’s closest friend who wants to be known as anonymous.

“I knew he was having trouble with the bills, so I let it slid, because hell it was just a friendly game”

What the now deceased soccer player didn’t know is that there was a much larger bet that his team would win the game. A local “business” man in the neighborhood was said to put a lot of money on the game.

“He is known all over our town as a gambling man, but when he doesn’t get his way, he gets violent” said Officer Joe Goldsmith

“From what I get from the reports, the man went for the goal in the last few seconds, missed, and then the opposing goalie kicked it, and some how scored a goal to win the game. Then, a group of men came and grabbed the gentlemen who missed the goal, and took him away. We found the body hours after searching, the leg that had missed the shot had been cut off.” said Officer Goldsmith

The police are still on the look for the men who did this.



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