San Diego Charger Antonio Gates Involved In High Speed Chase

empire-sports-antonio-gates-high-speed-chase-san-diego-chargers-police-arrest-gun-phoneSAN DIEGO, California—

A San Diego traffic stop turned in to a high-speed chase on Sunday night.

The driver of the vehicle has been identified as San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates.

Gates was pulled over for talking on his cell phone while driving, Lt. Joseph Goldsmith of the San Diego Police Department said.  But after an officer approached the vehicle Gates stated that he “had to go” and drove off.

Lt. Goldsmith said that several police cars were then involved in a pursuit which lasted approximately 10 minutes and ended when Gates pulled in to his residence in Poway.

According to Lt. Goldsmith, Gates claimed that he thought the police were escorting him to his house because he, “had to get home in time to watch the newest episode of ‘Resurrection’ on TV.”

“It’s the most absurd answer I’ve ever heard after a police chase,” Goldsmith said. “He really thought we were going to escort him to his house to watch TV.  That’s not how we operate.”

Police performed a search of Gate’s vehicle at the scene and found nothing illegal.

Gates was taken in to custody but released shortly after.

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