Rick Pitino Reportedly Attempted To Bribe Official To Call NCAA Tournament Game Fairly

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Reports from unnamed source have surfaced that Louisville coach Rick Pitino offered a bribe to a game official prior to their regional semifinal on March 28th. The terms of the alleged deal were that the official would be paid $50,000 to call the game fairly, consistently and in accordance with the rules of basketball. The bribe offer was reportedly declined. Analysts who observed the game determined that the terms of the bribe clearly could not have been carried out.

“When Montrezl Harrell picked up his third foul in the first half following Harrison’s well executed flop it was clear there was no foul play involved.” said the analyst speaking to Empire Sports. “I saw Duke coach Mike Kryzyzewski approach Harrison after the game asking if he could teach his players at Duke to flop like that. He was really impressed”. “Then there was the play where half of his foot was out of bounds while the official was looking directly at it, no more than 2 feet away. Things were definitely normal there although that official may have been legally blind.”

A spokesman for the NCAA tournament officials adamantly declared that no NCAA official would ever comply with such a request. “We have a long tradition of officiating games as inconsistently as possible, applying varying standards and making arbitrary and incoherent rulings during the tournament”. “It works for us. Sure there are critics in regards the way we do things but those critics are generally regarded as ‘sore losers'”

Some activists have called for the NCAA to institute a policy where both teams would be officiated using the same set of rules. Empire Sports spoke to one such activist. “It just seems to make to much sense”, says sports¬† activist Dan Howard. “A visiting player should be able to shoot free throws in Rupp Arena or Cameron Indoor Stadium without actually drawing blood.”. “Kentucky hasn’t been called for a single rebounding foul in 85 straight games. That’s longer than UCLA’s winning streak.”

Other more traditional fans stand in opposition to any push for “fairness” in college basketball. “They need to quit monkeying around with game” opines Lexington, KY resident Bobby Joe Goldsmith. “This ‘fairness’ junk is just more of the pussification of America the way I see it.”

Rick Pitino denied the allegation stating “We’ve won plenty of games 5 on 8. We don’t need any¬† ‘help’. We just need to hit our (expletive) free throws.”