Peyton Manning To Coach?

Denver, Colorado –


In breaking news, Manning did not like his neck results well enough to return to Denver as a Quarterback. Instead he is considering taking a job as an Offensive Coordinator.

“I’d love to coach in the NFL if given the opportunity. I have some great audible packages in mind. It would be a great way to finish up my football career.” – Peyton Manning when asked on if he’d consider coaching in the NFL.

Sounds crazy I know. To add on to that a few teams in need of an offensive minded coach have already expressed interest in Manning.

“We would love to get Manning on our coach staff. His knowledge on the game is just priceless. His knowledge and understatement on the game would be a huge boost to our Offense.” –  Said an anonymous coach in the NFL.

Well it is time to get used to it. At this point I’ll be more surprised if Manning does not coach, then if he does. Can his success as a QB translate to success as a coach? I am sure it can. Just the way he plays Quarterback with all the audibles and techniques it is almost like he is already a coach. Watch out football world Manning is on the prowl. Just have to hope he is with you instead of against you.

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