NFL Players Refuse To Play With Gay Teammate

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The integration of gay athletes in sports took a big step forward recently with both Michael Sam and Jason Collins coming out but we still a long way to go before we see gay athletes fully accepted in major sports.

In a recent poll given out by the NFL Offices asking anonymously if players would mind playing with a gay teammate a whopping 68% said they would rather not play on the same team as a gay player. Most NFL players currently signed to a team took part and had a vote in this poll. This wasn’t open to coaches or anyone in an office position. It was confirmed that this was a players only survey.

In a “comments” section of the poll some players were especially vitriolic.  Several wrote that they would “rather quit their team than share a locker room with a gay man.”  While one wrote, “I would feel disgusted knowing a guy might be starting at my junk as I changed.”

The NFL is saddened by this outcome and the Commissioner Roger Goddell gave us a comment about the results of this poll.

“I think its sad that in this day and time in the United States that an athlete cannot be himself in a locker room and in front of the camera. I expected better from these athletes and now I may have to show them that I will not stand for this hate towards anyone no matter what they believe. “

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