New Poll Shows 64% Of Men Enjoy Watching Ugly Chicks Getting Punched In The Face

empire-sports-ugly-women-punched-in-face-mma-ufc-fighters-strikeforce-gina-corano-cyborgA new online poll has shown that at least 64% of men enjoy watching ugly chicks getting punched in the face repeatedly. 

The poll is confirmed by the recent upward trend in popularity of women’s mixed martial arts within organizations such as the UFC and Strikeforce.

Research has shown that the uglier the woman the more men want to see her get punched in the face. Fighters such as Gina Corano score big ratings when they get their faces punched in but when you pit her with an even uglier Cris Cyborg the rating go through the roof as was the case in their 2009 match-up.

But the question is, why do men love seeing ugly chicks getting punched so much?

Dr. Joseph Goldsmith, a Sports Psychologist at John F. Kennedy University, says that he may have an answer.

“Come on.  Seriously, who WOULDN’T want to see an ugly chick get punched?” said Dr. Goldsmith. “I mean, you don’t have to be a psychologist to figure that out.  Men love violence and they also hate looking at ugly things.  When you go out to Taco Bell and there’s a fat chick stuffing her face with chalupas don’t you want to punch her in her chubby little pig face?  I know I do.”


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