NBA Wants To Ban Niggar From League

empire-sports-chris-bosh-niggar-miami-heat“That’s my Niggar!”  “What’s up Niggar?”  “Where’s my Niggar at?”

Common phrases from the mouths of NBA stars, those words can be heard echoing from the courts in NBA arenas across the United States on a daily basis.

Of course, the “Niggar” players are referring to would be Nigerian basketball legend Adeyemi Niggar (pronounced KNEE-GAR), a regular attendee at many NBA games, who has been an inspiration and motivation for many of the younger players in the NBA today, yet an unwanted distraction to many others.

“We don’t need that Niggar here,” proclaimed Miami Heat star Chris Bosh, who is leading the charge to ban Adeyemi from all NBA games.  “He’s a distraction to many of the players not only on my team but around the league.”

“I can’t even make it through a game without hearing his name. Everyone wants to compare every thing I do to Adeyemi and call me by his name when I do something good,” said Mavericks  guard Vince Carter. “If I have a nice dunk they say, ‘Nice dunk, Niggar!’  If I make a good pass it’s ‘Sweet dime, Niggar!’ For once I would like to be recognized as Vince and not Adeyemi Niggar.”

The NBA is now considering whether to ban Niggar from attending all league games.  Some officials within the league have even expressed a desire to ban all NBA players from even mentioning his name during games.

“I don’t think we should stop at Niggar either,” said Chris Bosh. “There are several others I think we could ban from games as well.”

While he didn’t name anyone specifically, it’s likely that one of those who he may have been referring is European player Matías Honkay, also a regular in attendance at many NBA games.

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