Magic Johnson Reveals He Never Had HIV

empire-sports-magic-johnson-reveals-never-had-hiv-aids-lieLOS ANGELES—

We all love a good comeback story, and that may be the case of why Magic Johnson stayed in the lime light for so many years. An incredible basketball player, with a very impressive career can only take you so far. The fact of the matter is people kept there eyes glued to Johnson because of a medical condition he announced he had years ago.

Johnson came clean that he become HIV positive years ago, and it wasn’t that tough of a pill to swallow seeing how a person with his resumé is bound to attract a lot of different people.

When first admitting to the illness, Johnson’s future wasn’t clear if he’d continue to live a day to day life, or fall to the sickness and flicker away. Over the years though the all star basketball player owned the disease, and created a very productive career around it.

People were very impressed in how well he managed his life, and how many different things he was able to do with the illness. It was almost like it wasn’t even there.

Well, there is a very good reason why it seemed this way. It turns out that the HIV virus was never there. Johnson released a statement last night, after a doctor threatened to release the truth about his illness.

“I saw my career dwindling, and knew in our day and age you need something dramatic to stay noticed. I couldn’t continue to be a basketball player, so I needed a way to keep my name in entertainment.” said Johnson

“I didn’t mean to hurt anyone by doing this, and the love and support I got means the world to me. I wasn’t ready to leave the spotlight, and I felt this was the only option I had to stay in the eyes of my peers”.

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