Kentucky Fans Prompt Vegas Casino to Accept Food Stamps For Sports Wagers

empire-sports-redneck-kentucky-fans-uk-40-0-food-stamp-betting-casino-vegas-louisville-ncaa-tourneyLAS VEGAS, NEVADA—

March Madness has taken an unusual turn in Las Vegas in the aftermath of record setting wagers coming in from the Bluegrass state on the upcoming NCAA Tournament game between the University of Kentucky and it’s bitter rival, the University of Louisville.

Kentucky fans have a growing confidence in the aftermath of the “tweak” heard around the world as John Calipari righted the previously sinking ship and have the Wildcats rolling into the Sweet Sixteen following an upset victory over the Wichita State Shockers.

With an opening line of Louisville (-5) Kentucky fans have lit up Vegas Sports Books in record numbers.  Earlier this week the Golden Nugget Sports Book hoping to tap into a unique revenue stream has instituted a new policy allowing sports wagers to be made with federally issued food stamps.  In the past 24 hours, the Vegas sports book has garnered 9 million dollars in food stamp wagers from one game.

Empire Sports spoke with Kentucky fan Bobby Joe Goldsmith who wagered 3 months worth of food stamps on friday’s game. “The cats are going roll all over the tweety birds on friday. It’s sure gonna be sweet cashing in this ticket.” Clutching his newly purchased betting ticket and sporting a blue 40-0 t-shirt Bobby Joe smiled “I almost sold this t-shirt to a Wichita State fan but I guess he ain’t got no use for it now. I might go buy a new couch to burn”.

A spokesman for the Golden Nugget has stated that any winning tickets will be paid back in food stamps although the sports book also considered paying winning tickets back with t-shirts. “On a whim we designed a new UK t-shirt with the slogan ‘I put my stamp on the Wildcats’ and it sold out in 45 minutes. Those guys sure do lover their blue t-shirts”

At press time Bobby Joe had placed a new t-shirt on back order. He then took a chug of his complimentary Bud Light and uttered “Go Cats”.