Johnny Manziel Says He May Not Enter NFL Draft; Return To Texas A&M

empire-sports-johnny-manziel-return-to-texas-am-nfl-draftCOLLEGE STATION, Texas—

Two days in April is right around the corner, and for some future NFL all stars these days will be the first step into their incredible careers. A lot of high grade talent is coming out of the draft this year, and coaches of the NFL will be in a dog fight to get the right players for their squad.

One name is that is being tossed around is Johnny Manziel, an all star quarterback from Texas A&M. We all know who Johnny Football is, and what he had done in his college career. He was an exciting player to watch on and off the field, but now it seems that all the attention he had gotten for his fast paced life may be getting to him.

Talks of even Manziel dropping from the draft completely have been floating through the air. With a great college record you can’t blame the guy for thinking he may not be fit for the National Football League.

“College was a blast, and playing for Texas A&M was incredible” said Manziel

“Everything seemed to have gone right for me in college, so I began to grow an ego, and you know the rest. What I fear now is that my crazy attitude may effect the way I play, and I might not even make a team. I mean have you seen NFL players? There huge! I can’t go around scrambling for 30 yards they break my legs, and if I mouth off to a ref or a player I can get beat up or fined.”

It isn’t clear if Manziel will drop from the draft or not, but the fear in his eyes tells us that he is shaken hard, also the fact that he was holding his Heisman like a teddy bear can’t be a good sign.


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