Jerry Jones Racist? Cowboy Fan Secretly Records Conversation With Jones Hoping For A Miracle


A longtime fan of the Dallas Cowboys has conspired with Jennifer Goldsmith, a female friend of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to secretly record a private phone conversation between her and Jones according to an unnamed source. The topic of the conversation was centered around the friend’s plans to attend an NBA playoff game between the Mavericks and the Spurs with “several back friends”.

Empire Sports received a transcript of the recording:


  • Jennifer: “Hey Jerry, I’m going to the Mavs game tonight. I’ll be sure to wear my Cowboys stuff there. Gotta represent the team.”
  • Jerry: “well I sure appreciate that. Hope you have a good time.”
  • Jennifer: “I’m going with my friends DeJaun and Tyrell.”
  • Jerry: “great. you need help with tickets. I can call Mark and get you front row tickets.”
  • Jennifer: “My friends are black in case you were curious.”
  • Jerry: “alright, I’ll give Mark a call now.”
  • Jennifer: “um, what do you think about that?”
  • Jerry: “um, that’s great”
  • Jennifer: “We’re probably going to have our picture taken. Me and my black friends. Lots of people will see us there.”
  • Jerry: “ok. you need anything else?”
  • Jennifer: “so you’re ok with it all?”
  • Jerry: “uh, sure”
  • Jennifer: “You know what I’m talking about right?”
  • Jerry: “uh, going to the Mavs game with your friends? sure”
  • Jennifer: “say it, Jerry. Who am I going with?”
  • Jerry: “Are you ok? You said you’re going with DeJaun and Tyrell.”
  • Jennifer: “You know there will pictures all over facebook of us?”
  • Jerry: “um yea sure”
  • Jennifer: “and how did I describe them? Say it so I know you heard me.”
  • Jerry: “uh .. you said they were your black friends.”
  • Jennifer: “ok. Thanks Jerry, bye”

The source confided in Empire Sports that the conversation had not gone as he had hoped. At press time he was seen purchasing audio editing software at a local Best Buy store.