Jamaican Bobsled Team Suspended From Olympics For Practicing While High

empire-sports-jamaican-bobsled-teamSochi, Russia-

Today in Sochi the fan favorite Jamaican Bobsled team was Suspended from the Olympics for practicing under the influence of Marijuana. They were attempting the second out of their two practice runs that they are allowed to have before the official bobsled events begin.

Officials have done a toxicology report on the team and found that all but one member had marijuana in their system. Since the team has only one active member, by default the team has officially been suspended and removed from the 2014 Olympic bobsledding competition.

Team driver Winston Watts said “The Olympic games are an honor to be in but the pressure here in Sochi is very high. The team was just trying to calm down and get back to business”.

Marijuana has been a touchy subject around the world for a while now. The suspension of the Jamaicans has sparked an uproar of angry fans Rioting in the streets. The police are still fighting to contain the rioters and fear for the safety at a already unsafe Sochi games. We will just have to wait and see how this plays out.

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