Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Escapes Prison And Breaks In To Tom Brady’s Home

empire-sports-aaron-hernandez-in-jailNORTH DARTMOUTH, Mass.—

A massive manhunt begun in Dartmouth this morning as former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez escaped from the Bristol County House of Correction and Jail in Massachusetts, a county sheriff’s department spokesman said Wednesday.

According to the spokesman Hernandez escaped from the jail some time during the night.  The prison was unaware of his escape until early this morning.

Aaron Hernandez is seen wielding a gun in surveillance video after breaking into a house in Dartmouth

Aaron Hernandez is seen wielding a gun in surveillance video after breaking in to the Home of Tom Brady

What is even more alarming and disturbing is news that Hernandez was caught on a security camera inside the home of his former New England teammate Tom Brady with what appears to be a handgun.

It is unknown why Hernandez would have broken in to Brady’s home or if he had intent to harm Brady in any way. Some fans have speculated that the Patriots organization could have hired Hernandez to knock off Brady to get out of his multi-million dollar contract and avoid a cap hit.

Tom Brady was not at his home at the time but is said to have been ‘shocked’ to hear the news.

“I have no idea why he would be in my house,” said Brady in an interview this afternoon. “Maybe he wanted to play the new Madden 2014 with me, I couldn’t tell you.”

Hernandez is considered armed and dangerous and the Dartmouth Sheriff is urging anyone with  information on the possible whereabouts of Aaron Hernandez to contact Dartmouth Police.