Donovan McNabb Returning To Philadelphia Eagles; Signs Multi-Year Deal

empire-sports-donovan-mcnabb-return-philadelphia-eagles-contract-2014-quarterback-vick-millionPhiladelphia, PA-

Quarterback controversy is some what of a normal thing for the Philadelphia Eagles. With knew coach Chip Kelly making his mark, it is still in the air who will be the starter this coming fall season. Now, finger point to Foles after an impressive previous season, and with Vick out of the picture you would think that he has in the bag right? Wrong.

Reports broke today that a familiar face will be returning to his old team this fall; QB Donovan McNabb. McNabb had a rollercoaster career at Philadelphia it had its ups and downs, but at the end of it you kind felt sick. He didn’t do anything really that terrible, but he never did anything really that great. Granted, he did take the Eagles to a Super Bowl he fell short to Tom Brady, and the Patriots.

Questions will be asked to why he got the offer to come back to the Eagles knowing he left on a sub pair note, but Coach Kelly is optimistic about his return.

“It’s exciting to see McNabb return to our team, and I feel we can all learn a lot from him.” said Kelly

“I’m not positive if he will be in the running for QB, but his is defiantly a person I want on my sideline on a Sunday afternoon. Our QBs are young, and McNabb has played for this team for years, and could teach them a thing or two.”

No remarks have been made by McNabb besides a tweet he posted saying “I’m coming home”.

We tried to get a remark from Andy Reid, the former Eagles coach that spent years with McNabb. Unfortunately, Reid had just eaten a calzone when we called for his statement, and was too winded to make a statement on the issue.

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