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NASCAR Driver Wins Race While Driving in Reverse

Atlanta, Georgia – empire-sports-driver-wins-NASCAR-race-in-reverse

A non-televised race that was held in Atlanta this past week would have definitely brought in viewers like NASCAR had never seen before. With only two laps left in the race, a driver who was holding steady at second place lost control on a turn, his car spinning all over the track. Although that in itself is not newsworthy, what the driver did next brought crowds to their feet.

After the crash left him facing the wrong way on the track, but knowing that turning around would take too much time that he didn’t have to spare, the driver threw the car in reverse and continued to race around the track backwards.

People in the crowds were surprised, and a few even wondered aloud if it was against the rules to drive that way. Most people immediately rose to their feet and began to cheer as they watched this racer take top speed completely in reverse. In less than one lap, the driver took his spot back at second place, never stopping to spin the car around.

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life, and I’ve been a NASCAR and racing fan since before I could walk.” Said Bill Pooler, a spectator at the race. “It’s the best damn driving that I’ve ever seen.”

The driver continued to gain on the car in first, and actually ended up passing him right before crossing the line, checkered flag waiving.

“I was completely confused, and was barely paying attention.” Said Mark Hill, the driver who was leading the race. “I actually almost hit the wall when I saw him coming up on me in reverse. It was surely incredible.”

The name of the driver was not released to the press, as officials are still checking their rulebooks to see whether or not the win would count if the car didn’t cross the line nose-first.

Eco-Friendly Law Forces NASCAR Drivers To Race In Electric Cars

empire-sports-nascar-electric-car-law-government-ecoboost-hybridDAYTONA, Florida–

Die hard NASCAR fans are not going to happy with the new eco-friendly law that has just been passed. The new law, House Act E.205, states that any car being used for entertainment will have to be electrical. This meaning NASCAR, monster trucks, etc. The act has been floating around congress for years now but has finally seen the light of day.

Due to the fact that monster trucks have no models that happen to be electric, gas-powered automobiles (for now) are still legally able to run.

Unfortunately, seeing how the NASCAR organization has taking steps into building electric cars in previous years, they are all set and ready to race all eco-friendly cars. This meaning that starting very soon fans will get to experience the high paced racing of cars going at speeds of up to 45 MPH!  Well, not exactly, but the speed will be noticeably slower than current cars.

If you are a person that not only enjoys NASCAR, but other automobiles entertainment, expect the same fate for your beloved sports.

Fan are outraged by the news and have been saying things such as, some comments left on the NASCAR website included;

“This is America! Let them Arabic p***ies race electric cars, they got enough gas!”

“It’s shifting gears, and drinking beers! Not pushing button, and hoping for something”

“As person that has been a NASCAR fan for many fortnight, I find the act to be in violation of our freedom to be informed when a matter like this is present. I feel that congress has gone behind our backs, and we as the people of the United States of America deserve, nay, are born with the privilege to fight for what we believe in without having big brother strip it from us”

“Dem dudes are bitches, and I hope they die in fire! Amen”

“Car’s go vroom!”

As you can see the new has brought out rage within the NASCAR community.

NASCAR is already planning to appeal the new law as they feel it will seriously damage their brand.