Brett Favre Planning Return To NFL Yet Again


Brett Favre will be turning 45 this year on October 10th, and he is yet again planning to return to the NFL.

After retiring in 2007 with the Packers and then coming back to play for the Jets and the Vikings, then retiring, Brett Favre is planning on returning again. This time, the lucky team that has offered him a contract is the New England Patriots.

Bill Belichick has asked the Patriots GM for awhile to give Brett Favre a contract, and he finally did. When ask how the old Brett Favre will handle the pressure of fast DEs and DTs trying to hit him hard, Belichick responded. “We feel we have a great offensive line, and if Brett Favre can get rid of it quickly like Brady he will do fine.”

We are told Brett Favre will be competing with Tom Brady for a starting job, since many people believe Favre is better considering he has many veteran years under his belt.

There will be incredibly high expectations after Brett Favre’s last season in the NFL ended with a concussion from the Chicago Bears.

We also interviewed Tom Brady about this matter. “How do you feel about Brett Favre coming to New England to compete for a starting job?” a reporter asked. “This is my team. I am not happy with Bill [Belichick] asking for Favre to be signed.  He will not win the starting job, I will make sure of it!” So there are varied feelings about Brett Favre joining the Patriots.

Will Brett Favre do well in the NFL this time?

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