BREAKING NEWS: NFL Expansion Team Players Among Missing Aboard Flight 370

SYDNEY, New South Wales—

If you have not obtained enough information on the missing flight 370, the crack staff at ES has uncovered some great info that may have you thinking that something else could be the answer.

The US media has gone into a brain overload of false info suspecting anything from a bad pilot to a hijacking. How much crap can be thrown onto this tragedy? All day and night to no end. To dig into the real facts leads us to believe that money may be involved. On flight 370 there were 25 football players from surrounding countries heading to a secret location in Korea. China knew this and will do anything that it can to get a football team with players over 5′ tall. To top it off the insurance head for the missing players happens to be Chinese and a member of the China Government.

Current Team

Players aboard flight 370 were scout team players from many countries including the United States. The insurance policy on these players is worth well over 1 million dollars and if China get it’s way will reap the dividends.

Projected Team

“I would put money on it that China will get a payout from the Insurance due to the crash and also get the players it needed.” “These players had no idea what was going on when they landed in China, they probably thought that they were in Korea.”- Alex Jones

China Lake-Bungho, China

The China government did report detecting a ping from something in the ocean today,but to no conclusion on the whereabouts of Flight 370. China also mentioned that they could release some important information on the black boxes of flights 11,77,93 and 175 if a deal were met;to keep the football players perhaps? The black boxes that defied logic that were never found. Maybe it’s worth the trade.

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