Blake Griffin Smacked The Straight Out Of Justin Bieber

empire-sports-justin-bieber-kissing-guy-gayLOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA-

Yes, we know this is a sports news site.

Yes, we know there are very few sports fans who care anything about the Biebs.

But, please, allow me to get this out.  I’ll be quick so that you may return to more manly things or, after reading this, possibly retreat hastily to your nearest commode to deposit your lunch.

I can’t believe myself that I am reporting anything related to Justin Bieber, I almost feel dirty just typing his name, but continued news involving a story we broke here on Empire Sports is keeping the Biebs in the news and some things are too good NOT to report.

Photos have now emerged and, apparently, it IS possible to get the straight smacked out of you.

Or, maybe, the touch of a strong man gave Bieber a special feeling that he can’t ignore.

Of course, for many of us, this isn’t a surprise.  I don’t see many big, burly Harley riders in Starbucks ordering caramel apple machiattos like Mr. Bieber.

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