Blake Griffin Admits He Is Albino

empire-sports-blake-griffin-admis-albino-whiteLos Angeles, California-

One of the most exciting players in the game has a confession that will either shock you, or make sense. The 6’10 power forward has admitted this week that he is an Albino American, and isn’t going to hide in the shadows anymore. Even though if he is an Albino maybe the shadows aren’t the worse spot for him, seeing how the sun can really leave a burn mark for pale people.

Griffin made the announcement after a team mates continued to insult him about his pale complexion. The tainting must have triggered an emotion in Griffin, as it is clear that he has been hiding this secret for several years now.

“It doesn’t matter how many top 10 plays I have on ESPN, people who not stop bothering me for the fact that I was extremely pale in there eyes” said Griffin

“I got to a point were all I wanted to do was beat the hell out of any one that made a remark, and that isn’t my style at all. I decided to admit to being Albino finally, because I felt the bullying would stop, and I’d get some piece of mind. So far people have been extremely supportive, and I am glad I made the call to tell my peers about who I really am” said Griffin

With news of Griffin being Albino sponsors, and NBA officials have been contacting him off the way. Since the announcement Griffin has picked up sponsorships with sun screen, umbrella, and hat companies all over the nation.

“It tough to be a white guy in the NBA, and to some how be whiter, then white I know I have a long journey ahead of me, but I’m willing to take the trip. Just as long as it isn’t to long sunny out.” said Griffin


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