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Hall of Fame Coach John Madden Dead At 78

etick_madden13_576PLEASANTON, CALIFORNIA-

NFL fans cover your eyes, Super Bowl winning head coach John Madden was found this morning dead at his Pleasanton, California home.

Paramedics responded to a call made early this morning and found the 78 year old Hall-of-Fame coach sitting upright on his couch with a microphone in his hand.  The Pleasantville Medical Examiner has not released the cause of death but no foul play is suspected.

Madden was highly known for his Super Bowl win and his 77% win percentage (best win percentage coaching over 100 games).  Many know about the legacy he formed at Oakland. He was also a broadcaster for NBC alongside Al Michaels and a pro football video game was named after him. Earlier this year a reporter asked him if he would ever coach for the Raiders again, he just responded with ” I don’t think I’d coach any team”.

EA sports have already reported that they will be cashing in on Madden’s death with a special commemorative edition of their popular Madden football game with a “John Madden 78” edition this summer.

“There’s no better way for us to pay tribute to John than to make a ton of money off his death,” said EA Sports representative Joseph Goldsmith.  “We’ve already signed a contract with Frank Caliendo to continue to do the voice for the game, and at half the price that’s great news for us.”


A statement and press conference for Oakland’s front office has been scheduled tomorrow.

John Madden is dead at the age of 78.

Denver Broncos Trade Peyton Manning For First Pick To Draft Johnny Manziel

empire-sports-denver-broncos-trade-peyton-manning-johnny-manzielENGLEWOOD, COLORADO—

Breaking news out of Englewood, Colorado. Peyton Manning, a first round pick, and a conditional future first round pick have been traded to Houston Texans for the first overall pick.

The Denver Broncos also announce that with their selection they are going to draft Johnny Manziel.

Everyone knew Houston was shopping the pick, and everyone knew they needed a Quarterback. What people didn’t know was that, after the Super Bowl, Peyton Manning went up to John Elway and demanded he be traded, telling Elway “How am I to win when our defense can’t contribute?”

Denver also lost one of Mannings favorite targets Eric Decker, running back Knowshon Moreno, and OLineman Zane Beadles.

Johnny Manziel, after hearing the news, said “I hope Seattle has their big boy pants on now, because the real sheriff is in town!”

No one knows how this trade will turn out. Let’s see how Peyton does with another blue jersey on.

Demaryius Thomas Calls Out Richard Sherman, Writes Death Wish.

demaryius-thomas-broncosDemaryius Thomas is a known deep-threat Wide Receiver in the NFL. Lots of people can’t cover him or had troubles keeping up with him and his hands. When he was with the media they asked him about Richard Sherman. Technically speaking he said ” He is a great player, but I think I can match up well with him “. Did he not see what he did to Crabtree after he said such nonsense. Seattle says they have been practicing and will be ready for the ” Pick plays ” that Manning likes to throw at teams. Richard Sherman is no doubt going to get in Thomas’ face but the better question is, is how long will it be till Thomas snaps emotionally? If I had to pick sides the Sherminator is the best CB in the NFL and Demaryius Thomas is just another sorry receiver. Lets just hope Bay-bay doesn’t turn into his profound nickname.


Side note: If you didn’t know both players have been nicknamed Optimus Prime at some point in their career, this will prove who deserves the title.