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Bulls Cut Derrick Rose; Say He Isn’t Worth It


Derrick Rose, the MVP of the 2011 NBA season has been cut by the Chicago Bulls. He injured his knee back in November, and the Bulls say he is just not worth waiting for. This has every general manager in the NBA scrambling to place a claim on him.

The Miami Heat seem very interested in him, along with 18 other teams who will obviously wait for this former-superstar to heal, and then start at point guard. “I think the Chicago Bulls are idiots, absolute idiots for cutting Derrick Rose. Sure, he has been hurt a while, and is hurt again, but I think he is definitely worth waiting for. If he signs with us, he will be our starter when he comes back, I can guarantee it,” a reporter told us. Those were the words of the Miami Heat general manager. Apparently everyone wants this former-MVP.

The big 5 teams that put a claim on him were the Miami Heat, the Indiana Pacers, the Houston Rockets, the Toronto Raptors, and the Phoenix Suns. If Derrick Rose ends up going to any of those teams, he will still be in playoff talks. I never thought the Chicago Bulls would even think about cutting Derrick Rose, but apparently they have been thinking about it since his injury in November. When we finally got a chance to talk with the Bull’s general manager, this is what we collected.

“This is really shocking, and I think I speak for all of us. How long have you been thinking about this?” a reporter asked. “Well, we were really expecting big things out of Rose, and when he got injured again, we didn’t know what to do. Now the Bulls have been playing pretty well, so we just don’t think we need him any more. He is just too expensive. That’s all I will answer right now. Good bye,” the Bull’s general manager responded with.


Adrian Peterson Undergoes Surgery To Get The First Bionic Arm


Peterson flashes an evil grin at reporters -- will this spell the doom for defenders of the NFC North? Or humanity as a whole?
Peterson flashes an evil grin at reporters — will this spell the doom for defenders of the NFC North? Or humanity as a whole?

 There have been many sports players who have made changes to themselves in order to perform at a top level, but those were all little changes compared to this one: Adrian Peterson, arguably the best running-back in the NFL, has undergone surgery to get the first bionic arm in human history. A reporter asked Roger Goodell what he thought about this. “Considering how polite Mr. Peterson was, and of course, the fact that a healthy and competitive Mr. Peterson brings in the big bucks.. I will allow.” Goodell responded. Apparently, your pleases and thank-you’s can get you a lot these days in the NFL.

This new bionic arm, which was attached by famed surgeon, James Andrews, is supposed to give Adrian Peterson maximum stiff arm ability. It will also help to prevent fumbles for Peterson. We also interviewed Peterson on this subject.

“How do you think you will do this year with the bionic arm?” a reporter asked.

“I believe I will break a lot of records, easily be the best running-back in the NFL by a mile, and lead the Minnesota Vikings to a Super Bowl championship,” Peterson responded.

“What if you get hurt?” reporters asked. “Hurt? Ha! This bionic arm will keep people from touching me. No one will be able to tackle me, much less hurt me, MWAHAHAHAHA.” Peterson manically laughed and proceeded to drive his newly purchased hover-car home.

Adrian Peterson is a great running-back, and this will without a doubt make him better. The Vikings will probably stick to running with the “bionic arm.”  So, how will Adrian Peterson do this year with the Vikings with his new bionic arm? Will he rise up and dominate the NFL even more than he does currently? Will he help the Vikings take control of the NFC North? Will he do the greatest thing in football and lead the Minnesota Vikings to a Super Bowl win? Will he become an evil-villain set on destroying the Earth? Or a superhero and a force for global good? This becomes just another of the top NFL story lines heading into the next season.

Lebron James To Sign With Dallas Cowboys and Leave NBA After Season Ends


In 1993 the sports world was stunned when the best player in the NBA, possibly the best player of all time, retired from basketball to pursue a career in baseball.  He wasn’t the first player to do so but Michael Jordan was surely the biggest star to try it.

It’s a question that many top athletes have, “can I succeed in a different game?” and it’s one that many have tried.  Bo Jackson, Deion Sander, Donovan McNabb, the list goes on,  but none as popular as Jordan have followed suit.. until now.

News broke this afternoon that a source close to Lebron James has revealed that he has signed a deal with the Dallas Cowboys and plans to leave the NBA after this season.

The source said Lebron, “felt that he had accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish” and that it’s been a dream of his to play in the NFL.  “Lebron wants to try the NFL and with an offer from the Cowboys on the table it’s something he couldn’t pass up.  The NBA will be waiting if it doesn’t work out but if he doesn’t take this opportunity he would regret it forever.”

The source confirmed that James will finish out this season with Miami and does hope to end with a third ring.

Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones responded to the news in a phone interview shortly after news broke. “I am extremely excited that Lebron [James] has decided to play for us. He was, undeniably, a great basketball player, but I believe he can be just as great as a football player.”

There were many happy people in Dallas when the Cowboys landed this basketball superstar. Tony Romo was definitely one of them. “I am unbelievably happy now that I can throw to Lebron! This is great! I will throw to him and Dez [Bryant] on every down!” Romo told us.

So how good will Bron Bron do in his move to football and the NFL? Will he get hurt facing a hard-hitting football team like perhaps the Seattle Seahawks? Can he even catch a football? How fast will he be with all those pads weighing him down? We will just have to wait and find out.

Brett Favre Planning Return To NFL Yet Again


Brett Favre will be turning 45 this year on October 10th, and he is yet again planning to return to the NFL.

After retiring in 2007 with the Packers and then coming back to play for the Jets and the Vikings, then retiring, Brett Favre is planning on returning again. This time, the lucky team that has offered him a contract is the New England Patriots.

Bill Belichick has asked the Patriots GM for awhile to give Brett Favre a contract, and he finally did. When ask how the old Brett Favre will handle the pressure of fast DEs and DTs trying to hit him hard, Belichick responded. “We feel we have a great offensive line, and if Brett Favre can get rid of it quickly like Brady he will do fine.”

We are told Brett Favre will be competing with Tom Brady for a starting job, since many people believe Favre is better considering he has many veteran years under his belt.

There will be incredibly high expectations after Brett Favre’s last season in the NFL ended with a concussion from the Chicago Bears.

We also interviewed Tom Brady about this matter. “How do you feel about Brett Favre coming to New England to compete for a starting job?” a reporter asked. “This is my team. I am not happy with Bill [Belichick] asking for Favre to be signed.  He will not win the starting job, I will make sure of it!” So there are varied feelings about Brett Favre joining the Patriots.

Will Brett Favre do well in the NFL this time?

Michael Vick Hospitalized In Pit Bull Attack


Does Michael Vick believe in Karma?

Well if he didn’t before I’m sure he does now. Michael Vick was hospitalized in a pit bull attack in downtown Philadelphia this morning. When police investigated the scene they found at least 3 other pit bulls in cages although it didn’t appear that the dogs had been used for fighting.

While the police technically can’t charge Vick with dog-fighting (again), we feel he might have learned his lesson this time around. Apparently, one of the dogs got out of it’s cage and went on a rampage, hospitalizing 7 people including of course Michael Vick.

Michael Vick has experienced a lot of downers lately. Getting charged with dog-fighting, losing his starting job, and now getting hospitalized by a pit bull.

We also have an interview with Michael Vick before he went to the hospital. Interviewer: “Why were you in the same facility as people who were fighting dogs?” Michael Vick: “I did not even know that was a dog fighting lab.” Interviewer: “Were you watching the dogs fight? The cameras caught you going in 3 hours before the incident happened.” MV: “No comment. Can we get out of here please?”

Michael Vick apparently did not want to talk to reporters about the incident. I wonder why.

Super Bowl XLVIII

140120120436-peyton-manning-story-topIt is the time of year again everyone! It is time for the Super Bowl! This year it will be Peyton Manning and his Denver Broncos taking on Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks in MetLife Stadium located in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Peyton Manning is looking for his 2nd ring, and his 1st with Denver. Seattle is looking to head back to the Super Bowl after they lost in 2006 to the New England Patriots. This Super Bowl is bound to be a great one, with Denver’s high-powered offense taking on Seattle’s hard hitting defense. There are not a lot of defenses capable of stopping Denver’s offense but Seattle surely can. So what happens in Super Bowl XLVIII? Will we see another Peyton Manning choke? Will Seattle fall to Denver’s offense? Maybe Seattle’s offense will be the shocker and lead the team to their first ever Super Bowl win. It all happens on Sunday, February 2nd, 6:30 PM Eastern Time on FOX. Tune in and don’t miss any of the thrilling touchdowns and head-jarring hits.