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Vladimir Putin Joins Russian Hockey Team To Compete In Winter Olympics

Vladimir-Putin-Hockey-PlayerRussian President Vladimir Putin has loved this winter Olympics like his own kid. He has taken many persuasions to make sure it is safe. And today he took the last one. This morning, he announced that he would be joining the Russian hockey team. Putin said that with him there, he could look over his “baby” even closer.

Putin said he would be the new star defender. ” I was the star hockey player for the KGB hockey team back in the day. I was known to crash opponents against the windows so much that I was known as the ‘Glass Crusher’ “! Putin added on to that by saying ” I also just love destroying my opponents!” Immediately, the Russian coach  and teammates pleaded for the President not to join, but he ignored them.  When Reporters asked his press Secretary what if opposing players tried to hurt the President, he explained that anyone who tried to come within 5 feet of Putin to hit him would be shot by snipers filled with tranquilizers perched on the roof above, including those with the puck. Of course when hearing this, the US and others  complained that Putin was cheating, but the President threatened to kick the teams out of Russia if they continued those accusations. So, Putin prevailed.

Now, you can see Vlad practicing his skills (mostly checking) for the up-coming games!


Hamilton & Pujoles Flee From Anaheim

Last night, former all-stars Albert Pujoles and Josh Hamilton fled together from Anaheim, California. In a tweet from Hamilton this morning, he said that playing on the Angels sapped the talent right out of them. While playing on the Angels last season, the 2 had their worsts seasons in their careers.  He added ” They knew we wanted to leave so for all the off-season and had a guy look over us. We finally escaped while he was watching a baseball bloopers marathon. An Angels spokesperson announced that they have had the state police look out for the duo. ” It is essential that they come  back safely. Our best guess is that they are heading North the San Francisco since our state borders tracking devices on them have not gone off so they are still in the state”. Giants officials say that they will take the  two with open arms. Some are worried that it could turn into a all out fan riot if Pujoles and Hamilton enter AT&T stadium. Angels teammate Mike Trout said ” We are equipping our fans with ‘appropriate’ weapons to ‘raid’ Frisco if my 2 teammates enter that city.” We will give more updates as they happen and hope that there will be minimum fan violence.

Tebow Tries a Comeback

We have Just found out that QB Tim Tebow has just signed a 1 year deal to the Iowa Barnstormers.  The Barnstormers had the worst record in the Arena Football League at 6-12 last season. Tebow said to us that ” I tried all 32 NFL Gm’s, but they all laughed like crazy. Then I tried all the of the other AFL teams but the same thing happened. The only reason these guys took me is because I was the only guy to show up”. Tebow had signed Manchester United a week before and did not realize it was the wrong sport until he got onto the field and asked “where are the goal posts”. Manchester U Released him after he had the most  turnovers in Premiership history in that game. MU fans pelted him with Watermelons that had his name on it which they bought before the game.  Tebow left in full shame. His release contract was kicked at his head.  Once the news was announced, Barnstormers fans starting saying that the Apocalypse was upon Iowa and chaos has been   happening since. All this reporter has to say is God Bless the state of Iowa and let God spare them with a quick release of Tim Tebow.



KG returns to the Garden


This Monday night, the 19-22 Brooklyn Nets will come to TD Garden to play the 15-30 Celtics.  Coming with them is star guard and former Celtic Kevin Garnett. Garnett came to the Nets over the off-season from Boston with Paul Pierce. Garnett helped the Celtics with a Championship back in ’08. The 2004 MVP has not been putting up great numbers this season, scoring 6.9 PPG and just under 7 rebounds a game, which is a career worst.  Can KG up his game vs. his old team on Monday? We will just have to see.

Of course there is also the teams themselves. On the Celtics, Point Guard Rajon Rondo is back after a injury that has sidelined him for 11 1/2 months. Even though he is on top of the All-Star voting, Rondo performance has far from All-star. He has only been getting 5.3 APG since he has returned. Bright spots on the Celtics include Brandon Bass, Kelly Olynik, and Jeff Green, who only a few games ago scored 39 points. But if they got killed by the Thunder with Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook out, how will they be able to handle the Nets. For Brooklyn, Brook Lopez leads the team with 20.1 PPG. Others Great Players for the Nets are Joe Johnson and Deron Williams. Whichever way it goes, Monday Nights game will be great!

Pro Bowl Preview

Pro_Bowl_2006_cheerleadersTonight, Millions will sit down to watch the 2014 Pro Bowl. Of course this year, instead of NFC and AFC, there are team Sanders and team Rice. With this new style of play comes new challenges and entertainment.  With the Seahawks and Broncos playing next week, many pro-bowlers will miss it. This includes Richard Sherman(Boo Hoo). But there still will be many great players present. QB’s Andrew Luck (Sanders) and Drew Brees (Rice) will be matching up.

Here are how I line up the teams by section.

QB’s: Rice                                                                                                                                                                                            This is a classic veteran vs. Rookie match-up. I choose Rice because his Veteran QB’s have more experience than Sanders Rookies in the Pro Bowl.

RB’s: Sanders                                                                                                                                                                                     This is very close but Sanders choices of Lacy and Morris are perfect. They have shown great talent and potential the whole season.

Receivers: Rice                                                                                                                                                                                 It was a easy choice. In between the experience of Fitzgerald and Graham, plus Marshall’s dominance; Drew Brees will have a field day throwing.

D-line: Sanders                                                                                                                                                                                     With the mighty J. J. Watt, and feared Suh; Sanders d-line is slightly betters than Rices.

Secondary:  Rice                                                                                                                                                                               The tiebreaker in this battle is CB Antonio Cromartie and SS Eric Reid.

Special Teams: Rice                                                                                                                                                                         The legendary performance this season by K Stephen Goskowski is far better than Justin Tucker’s. He will be a huge part of this Pro Bowl.

Game: Rice                                                                                                                                                                                         The perfect mix of great offense, defense, and Special teams will give the 2014 Pro Bowl to team Rice.

A-Rods’ scandal!


   In the last few weeks, the A-rod scandal has swept the nation. I, like many of you, watched the 60 minutes special about him. Plus, I have been reading all the sports writers opinions.Here are my views.
    Alex Rodriguez has gotten away too easy in this case. His giant use of steroids was a mockery to the sport of baseball and credible athletics everywhere. Without steroids he was a great player with immense talent. Without drugs, even I, as dye-heart Sox fan, would have voted him into Cooperstown.  According to his drug dealer, Anthony Bosch; before a 4 pm game, he would use over  10 drugs! One is bad enough, but 10 is unexceptionable.  Even during the trial, he was still being unbelievable. Bosch said that 3 days before he agreed to testify, A-rod sent him a bribe of 50 grand. Also, he said that one of Alex’s friends had threatened him with his life if he testified. These are horrible and shameful  things to do!
    But the worst part was the trial. He was going to get a great 212 game suspension. But he weaseled it down to one season. This reporter believes that no real justice was served to Alex Rodriguez  in this trial and to fully stop the damaging scandals of steroids, the MLB must flex it’s muscles for one time and make these cheaters understand that steroids comes with punishment. Mr. Rodriguez was their chance to do that and they failed.