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2016 Summer Olympics To Be Held In North Korea

Pyongyang, North Korea – empire-sports-north-korea-chosen-as-host-of-2016-summer-games2

The Olympics is a tourist jackpot that all countries throughout the world pray to be able to host. The location for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games was announced last week, with the Olympic committee choosing North Korea as host.

North Korea President Kim Jong Un has told the press he is very excited to host the Olympics, but also plans to prevent any citizen from the United States from entering the country to participate. Not stopping at just the US though, Kim Jong Un has said he will completely close his borders throughout the games, making the Olympics only available to North Korea’s teams.

North Korea President Kim Jong Un

Retired basketball player Dennis Rodman, who is a friend of Kim Jong Un’s, had recently tried talking him into re-opening the event to all countries, but negotiations were unsuccessful. Sources say Rodman actually made matters worse trying to talk Kim Jong Un, and it started a heated battle. The violent dictator reportedly felt threatened during his talk with Rodman, and took him as a hostage.

The U.S. government decided not to respond to the hostage situation though, as President Barack Obama reiterated the U.S.’ standard position on not negotiating with terrorists.

“Not to mention that [we] couldn’t care less if Dennis Rodman died.” Said Obama.

As it looks as though there will be no progress made in forcing Kim Jong Un to reverse his decision and re-open the Olympics to all competitors, many teams from every corner of the globe are planning a protest to the Olympic committee directly, hoping to get them to have the games be hosted by another, more peaceful, country.

“We are too afraid of Kim and what he might do if we change our minds and try to back out of having the games in his country.” Said Olympic committee chairman Richard Kimball. “We feel at this point it would just be best to let North Korea have this one, and we’ll try to pick a better location for the 2020 games. It’s probably the only chance they’ll ever have of winning medals anyway.”

NBA Adds 4-point Shot To Basketball

Quick draft of how the 4 point shot would look on courts

New York City, NY-

The NBA over the last couple of days have discussed the future of how the game of basketball will be played with the new addition of the 4-pointer. NBA commissioner Adam Silver has approved of the new addition, and plans to revamp all NBA courts by the end of the season with the new 4-point shot being one of the adds.

So where will this 4-point shot be? Well, we ourselves here at Empire Sports have been asking the same question. The 4-pointer is supposed to be placed 9 feet ahead of half-court, so basically where Jimmer Fredette takes all of his shots.

The players in the NBA have either loved it or hated this new add to the game. Over 10 Harlem Globetrotters have now been added to teams across the league to take advantage of this 4-point shot. Famous NBA stars like LeBron James and Kevin Durant have yet to make comments on the issue, but so far the NBA’s players and fans seem supportive to the new rules.

Not only is the 4-point shot being added, but the courts are being expanded as well. Courts are now almost double in size, and league officials are contemplating on adjusting the NBA standard of 10 players on the court at a time to possibly even 14, making it 7 players for each team.

So when is this going to be taken into effect? Well, NBA representatives have not given an exact timeframe, but it is expected to be taken into full effect by the start of next season.

We will keep you updated as more of this story is being unfolded by the minute, stay tuned for more on Empire Sports.

Former NFL Star Aaron Hernandez Escapes Prison And Breaks In To Tom Brady’s Home

empire-sports-aaron-hernandez-in-jailNORTH DARTMOUTH, Mass.—

A massive manhunt begun in Dartmouth this morning as former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez escaped from the Bristol County House of Correction and Jail in Massachusetts, a county sheriff’s department spokesman said Wednesday.

According to the spokesman Hernandez escaped from the jail some time during the night.  The prison was unaware of his escape until early this morning.

Aaron Hernandez is seen wielding a gun in surveillance video after breaking into a house in Dartmouth
Aaron Hernandez is seen wielding a gun in surveillance video after breaking in to the Home of Tom Brady

What is even more alarming and disturbing is news that Hernandez was caught on a security camera inside the home of his former New England teammate Tom Brady with what appears to be a handgun.

It is unknown why Hernandez would have broken in to Brady’s home or if he had intent to harm Brady in any way. Some fans have speculated that the Patriots organization could have hired Hernandez to knock off Brady to get out of his multi-million dollar contract and avoid a cap hit.

Tom Brady was not at his home at the time but is said to have been ‘shocked’ to hear the news.

“I have no idea why he would be in my house,” said Brady in an interview this afternoon. “Maybe he wanted to play the new Madden 2014 with me, I couldn’t tell you.”

Hernandez is considered armed and dangerous and the Dartmouth Sheriff is urging anyone with  information on the possible whereabouts of Aaron Hernandez to contact Dartmouth Police.


Marcus Smart Starts Fight With Floyd Mayweather In McDonald’s Parking Lot

EmpireSports-mayweather-smartSTILLWATER, OKLAHOMA-  Marcus Smart has recently received a three game suspension from a controversial altercation with a Texas Tech fan on the court’s sideline.

Smart has defiantly outdone himself this time with his recent fight with Floyd Mayweather in a McDonalds parking lot Friday afternoon.


Smart was seen hanging out with friends Metta WorldPeace and Chris Brown before apparently coming up and “punching Mayweather in the back of the head”. The Police Report then proceeded to say that ” Mayweather fell down and started to scream and cry for help as Marcus Smart fled the scene in a orange Honda Civic as Chris Brown drove away”. There is still no motive known of why Marcus Smart did such a crime, but many think its from him letting out his anger from the suspension he received Monday.


In recent news, Mayweather has been taken care of in Oklahoma’s City finest hospital. Mayweather had the following message to Marcus Smart over Twitter.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 7.25.35 PM

Marcus Smart has yet to be found after the incident but reports say he is still with Chris Brown and Metta World Peace while possibly committing more assault crimes by the second. The NCAA has yet to give details on Marcus Smart’s future in basketball, but if he is proven guilty he might not be able to play college basketball again. Police are still under the pursuit for Marcus Smart before Mayweather can get to him, if you have any details to where he can be found please contact Oklahoma City police.

Jim Harbaugh Leads Pee-Wee Team To NFL

Jim Harbaugh coaching up his future NFL team
Jim Harbaugh coaching up his future NFL team

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA-   Jim Harbaugh over the course of the past month has led a struggling youth pee-wee football team to developing into their own NFL dream team. The team is a group of a dozen young boys ranging in ages from 7-9 years old, and Jim Harbaugh believes they have what it takes to make it big in the pros.

The deal to add the team to the NFL was discussed with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell Tuesday afternoon, which landed the deal for the young stars to land a spot in the NFC West opposing the 49ers. The team has begun to build a stadium across from the 49ers ‘Candlestick Park’, and the organization has yet to release any more information. The coaching staff plans to add Mark Sanchez as quarterback coach as of Richie Incognito and Terrell Owens with other positional coaching spots.

The new team has yet to release any more details on their uniforms, staff, or even the team name, but roster movements are happening every second. The young boy named Nate from the commercial ‘Play 60’  featuring Cam Newton has joined the team to play as quarterback. With the new young prodigy Nate being added to the team roster we have been told Cam Newton’s mom has told the press Nate is now her favorite player, over her son Cam Newton, leading Newton into being cut from the Panthers in the last hour from embarrassment to the Panthers organization.

While more information is being released hourly we will update the story over the course of the day.

Brett Favre’s Back With A New Sex Tape Scandal

Favre took heat for sending pics to Jenn Sterger, now he's taking it all off.
Favre took heat for texting nude pics to Jenn Sterger, now he’s taking it off for the world.

Remember the good ole Brett Favre? Every young boys hero, and one of the best players to ever set foot on the football field. Favre has been brought back into the media spotlight today, with his new sex tape he released this Monday, featuring NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The sex tape has over 1.6 million views on Favre’s website, and has gained Favre over 100,000 followers on twitter over the last day.

Favre has yet to make a public announcement on this issue, but for Goodell, who has made numerous statements to the press, stating that he is planning to step down, and let Cowboys owner Jerry Jones take over the entire NFL organization. Jerry Jones has recently spoken to the media stating that he plans to eliminate all NFL teams besides the NFC East, and also wants to eliminate all kickers and punters. During all of this mayhem unfolding due to one sex tape that Favre released, it has gotten worse. Favre released a new sex tape starring Mark Sanchez an hour ago titled ” The real butt fumble”, and has sent the world into complete shock.

Favre surprisingly has gained more supporters across all of this, while the NFL is slowly crumbling away as new NFL commissioner Jerry Jones, plans to eliminate more positions and teams by the minute. The NFL is losing many fans, and for the first time in history the WNBA has grown popular and holds more season ticket holders than all the NFL.

This is a sad day in sports, and a sad day for the NFL.

Forget Richard Sherman, Leon Sandcastle Gets Thrown Into The Debate

leon-sandcastle-roger-goodellOver the last week many have fought about who exactly is the best cornerback in the league. The war flared once Richard Sherman made the statement that he was the best corner in the league after the NFC Championship game in Seattle. During all of this, many corners have been able to respond that they too are the best corner in the league. Leon Sandcastle broke his silence just an hour ago after being declared missing for over one year after the 2013 NFL draft where he was selected first overall from the Kansas City Chiefs. Sandcastle signed with the Denver Broncos Sunday morning, and already has been added to the Papa John’s commercials. Sandcastle is looking to be a nice help as Denver coach John Fox said ” He reminds me of Deion Sanders, just a little more ugly”. Leon Sandcastle was asked what will he do to help the Broncos win and replied with, ” I can play all positions, kick a 70 yarder, and throw the ball further than the size of Collin Knapernick’s nose, I’m primetime”.  In recent news, many have been dishearten to the recent report of Deion Sanders declared missing this morning in Hawaii. The Pro Bowl has been delayed as the search for Sanders is in progress across all of Hawaii.