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Washington Changes Name From Redskins To Natives

Washington, D.C. – empire-sports-washington-redskins-change-name-to-natives-racism

Washington, D.C. NFL team the Redskins have always had one of the most controversial team names in sports history. There have been the people who support it, and the people who hate it. The positive was that the name tries to give honor to the people whose ancestors were settled here first. The negative is that the name is ridiculously offensive, using a derogatory slang term for an entire race of people as a sports team. It is because of this division amongst fans that Washington has decided to unveil a new name that they hope will bring the two sides together. The franchise owners have decided to change the name from Redskins to Natives.

“We did not think we could ever find a name that would allow us to part with the name Redskins.” Said Dan Snyder, majority owner of the team.  “Then one day the name Natives popped into my head, and I knew it would work. It was brilliant. The new name will even allow us to keep the same logo. It is only the moniker that is changing. Because we understand this is a big change for fans, we will be working on a date and time where anyone who recently purchased Redskins gear can exchange it with us for Natives merchandise of equal or lessar value. We take care of our fans. Go Natives!”

The team name change will take effect starting in the 2015 season. If you do happen to have any Redskins merchandise, you may want to hold onto it for now. It’s very possible that with many people making exchanges on merchandise, Redskins memorabilia could become rare and skyrocket in price. If you are looking to exchange it, check the official Natives website for dates and times of exchange.

McDonald’s To Release The Johnny Mac This Year

empire-sports-johnny-manziel-mac-mcdonalds-burger-contract-sponsorNew York –

You may of seen the new Lebron James and Johnny Manziel commercial. If you thought that was cool, wait till you hear this. McDonalds declared that they are releasing the new Jonnhy Mac Burger some time this year.

The Johnny Mac Burger is going to fit the snack category. For someone who just has pocket change with them, and wants a small bite to eat. Not that filling but still holds all the flavor. It will be a nice option when your not hungry but fill like something delicious.

It’s no surprise that the first corporate sponsor to offer Johnny Football a contract is McDonald’s.  The fast food chain is the mirror image of Manziel, both fast and overrated.

McDonalds stated if the Johnny Mac burger proves to be successful, don’t expect them to stop there. They likely will create more food options based on athletes. With one likely candidate being Lebron’s Slam Dunk Feast. You could probably imagine what that meal would have in it. Athletes can be popular role models, and a lot of fans will be eager to try the food choice of a favorite player.

When asked about the burger, Manziel had this to say. “I am excited to see how this new Burger thrives at McDonalds. Great business they have, and proud to be part of it. I love how the burger is going to be small, for it sends a message you don’t have to be big to be a winner. If you put your mind to it, anyone can be a winner. Now make sure to try out a Johnny Mac coming soon to a McDonalds near you.”

Now the question is will the burger be a boom or a bust. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Michael Vick Inks Deal With Cleveland; Welcome To The Dog Pound

empire-sports-michael-vick-cleveland-browns-dog-poundCleveland, Ohio –

Desperate for a new signal caller, the Cleveland Browns are looking to fill their need with a controversial quarterback.

The Browns had shown interest in finding a new quarterback for some time now. Weeden had not cut it and Hoyer could not do much help as he struggled to recover from injury.

Most people expected Cleveland to use pick number 4 on a franchise QB this season. Now, news out of Cleveland is confirmed that the Browns have signed ex-Falcon Michael Vick to a 5 year 20 million dollar deal.

Browns GM,  Ray Farmer, has stated that they still may consider drafting a QB but Vick will help fill an immediate need.

Michael Vick, who has a past with Dog fighting, will now be part of the ‘dog pound’.

There have already been a small group of fans protesting on the streets of the stadium before the police had to kindly ask them to take it somewhere else.

Vick’s agent believes the fans will buy into the new Vick, and this could be a step in the right direction as Vick tries to sell his new dog lover image while Ray Farmer believes these are the types of moves the Browns must take to finally get back on top.

Today, several big names around the NFL have commented on the news.

“Why would I care? I just want to focus on my own team right now.” – Joe Flacco

“Good for Vick, can’t wait to duel it out vs them.” – Ben Roethlisberger

“I don’t care who their quarterback is. Either way we are just going to sweep them.” – Andy Dalton

“Well who ever the quarterback is we’ll make sure to watch plenty of film and make sure we are ready.” – John Harbaugh

“I feel I could of been better last season. I’ll make sure to keep trying for improvement, and hope that if Vick starts that he earned it.” – Brandon Weeden

London Lands The Jaguars; NFL’s First Team Outside The USA

empire-sports-london-jaguars-nflNEW YORK CITY-

Watch out world the NFL intends to spread its rule worldwide. The first and surprising move is the Jacksonville Jaguars moving to London for the 2015 season. Jaguars plan to make the transition a bit slow and play half the 2014 home games in London with the other half in Jacksonville. Jaguar fans will get a last chance to watch their team play in Jacksonville before the big move. Jaguars will also no longer be keeping the name Jaguars. They will be known as the London Swans. The logo and new uniforms will be released to public view at the start of the 2015 season.

Many people may wonder how hard it will be for the players to have to live in London. The NFL plans to try to make it as easy as possible. They will provide rent for any player who does not wish to buy a home. London will also allow family members to live in London during the players contract session. If a player falls in love with the London area him and his family even have the option to become citizens of the United Kingdom. The NFL is not only hoping for players to be fine playing for London, but for them to want to play for London.

Maurice Jones-Drew, Running Back for the Jaguars was not pleased about the pending move.  “Man, this sucks!” He stated in an interview totay. “I don’t want to have to learn a new language.  What do they speak in London?”

With the news breaking out of London getting a new team. Parties have broken out all across the nation. Especially the streets of Landon where they plan to hold a big parade when the time comes to welcome home the Landon Swans. Don’t expect it to end here. If this turns out a success  you can bet the NFL will be sending out teams to more areas across the globe. Sorry America but it looks like you may be sharing the NFL with the world.

Lebron James Challenges Aaron Rodgers To A Basketball Versus Football Shooting Showdown.

empire-sports-lebron-james-aaron-rodgersMiami Florida –

Lebron James the basketball hero. Rodgers the best arm in the NFL. In the ultimate showdown, this is just too good to be true. Don’t we all hope they get that one on a good TV station. Yet the best news is all the proceeds are going to charity. Here is what James posted on Rodgers Twitter.

“Hey, I know you have been known for having an awesome deep ball, and being super accurate. How about we try a little charity event, and see who is the real master shooter. I am game if you are.”

Rodgers later posted “Sounds fun, but if you lose you got to come on one of our discount double check commercials. Then send the check to charity. Discount double checking to charity.”

James then responded with “Oh, how about win or lose I come on that commercial, and discount double check to charity. Though if I win, you have to be my personal water boy. Both for the commercial and one of our games this season.”

Rodgers then came back with “Oh if you want play it that way? If I win you have to be my personal water boy on the discount double checking to charity commercial, and in our home opening game.”

James then sealed the deal with “Oh, this is so on. All we need now is to find a good date to set the event.”
After a few back and forward messages they plan to hold it sometime late spring to early summer. The time is not all the way set but you can bet this will be one epic event.

World Cup Added To Olympics

imagesBrasília, Brazil —

It is official, the World Cup will soon be added to the Olympics. It will be run as it is, but as an Olympic event. So while your nations team is not only fighting for the World Cup Championship. They are fighting for those gold medals to help your nation win the Olympics. With the add of the world cup, the Olympics is also thinking of adding some solo based soccer events. This is going to be huge, these 2 great things added together is just going to be great. Olympics is where all the nations challenge each other over different skills. It is about time they add the worlds favorite sport. Below we have quotes from both the International Olympic Committee and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association

“We are thrilled to have the World Cup added to our Olympics program. All the other soccer events we plan on adding , we feel is going to take us to the next level. The FIFA will still be running it, but it will be an Olympic event non the less.” – International Olympic Committee

“Well there is nothing to lose here. We still get to run the show, while getting to be part of the Olympics. We feel this is a good move by both our programs. We have also been in the talks of being in charge of the other football events to be added to the Olympics.” – Internationale de Football Association

Well you heard it all here folks. Watch out swimming, running, aerobic, and all you other Olympic events. Soccer is coming to steal that spotlight.

Peyton Manning To Coach?

Denver, Colorado –


In breaking news, Manning did not like his neck results well enough to return to Denver as a Quarterback. Instead he is considering taking a job as an Offensive Coordinator.

“I’d love to coach in the NFL if given the opportunity. I have some great audible packages in mind. It would be a great way to finish up my football career.” – Peyton Manning when asked on if he’d consider coaching in the NFL.

Sounds crazy I know. To add on to that a few teams in need of an offensive minded coach have already expressed interest in Manning.

“We would love to get Manning on our coach staff. His knowledge on the game is just priceless. His knowledge and understatement on the game would be a huge boost to our Offense.” –  Said an anonymous coach in the NFL.

Well it is time to get used to it. At this point I’ll be more surprised if Manning does not coach, then if he does. Can his success as a QB translate to success as a coach? I am sure it can. Just the way he plays Quarterback with all the audibles and techniques it is almost like he is already a coach. Watch out football world Manning is on the prowl. Just have to hope he is with you instead of against you.

Hawaii Lands NFL Team, Team Rice Goes Pro.

Honolulu, HI


Breaking news it has been declared that Team Rice will be the newest addition to the NFL. After beating Team Sanders on a clutch 2 point conversion. Goodell has decided it would be best to add Team Rice to the NFL.

“I feel the probowl was such a success why not add this to the everyday NFL. How this will work is the probowl winner joins the NFL each season. The defending pro bowl champs will play in the next probowl vs the new voted in team. The probowl team is not allowed to draft or run FA once in the NFL. So over time they’ll decline and get knocked out by a new probowl champ in a following probowl. Probowl team players will be paid triple of their old contracts or franchise tag pay. What ever is bigger. That will make the probowl far more intense. After each probowl is played the probowl team will get to play in the NFC Best with the other great teams there. Once a former probowl winner loses the players will be returned to their old teams if the team opts to retain them for remainder of contract. ”

There are a lot of mixed feelings when it comes to players, coaches and fans in the NFL. Will this kill the NFL? Shall this be the next great thing? Only time may tell.

Here are some player quotes below.

“Oh man, I am so stoked on my raise. While I still get Brees throwing my way.” – Graham

“This is dumb, just stupid, I hate this” – Cutler

“Well I loved NWO and all but man my deal being tripped? This is crazy.” – Brees

“Whoot I am finally on a team that can win.” – Gordan

“Ugh, I am so mad. If I knew about this I actually would of tried. Team Sanders would of been beast.” – Dez Bryant

“Some way somehow, I always find a way to become a backup.” – Alex Smith

“I have been told I have to coach the probowl team but triple pay and all my years guaranteed at normal pay if we get knocked out. I am ready for Hawaii.” – Ron Rivera