Adrian Peterson Breaks Leg; Out For The Season

empire-sports-adrian-peterson-breaks-leg-broken-out-season-nfl-vikingsMinneapolis, Minnesota-

The NFL season has yet to start, but one thing is certain when it does; Adrian Peterson will not be playing in it. Reports of Peterson breaking his leg have leaked, and fans are not looking forward to The Vikings 2014-2015 season.

It has been reported that Peterson broke his leg while horse playing in the shower. Supposedly, he went to whip a fellow teammate in the butt with a wet towel, slipped, and broke two bones in his lower leg.

“It would be one thing if it happened on the field, but in a shower room really?” said a local fan

“I’ve watched every game Peterson has played for The Vikings, and I’ve seen him do things that I thought no running back could ever do, hell even things I thought a human couldn’t do. The fact that he got injured like this makes me sorry to say that I am a fan of his.”

It is still unclear when Peterson will return to the field, but the doctors have given the red light at least on this season.

“Adrian is a tough guy, and I’ve seen him come back from a lot of injuries. This one is tricky though, It is up in the air if, and when he will be able to return, but it won’t be this season.” said The Vikings fitness coach

It may be safe to say don’t bet on The Vikings having an outbreak year, unless some type of miracle happens. Also, make sure you don’t pull the dumb guy move, and draft AP in your fantasy league this fall.


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