A-Rods’ scandal!


   In the last few weeks, the A-rod scandal has swept the nation. I, like many of you, watched the 60 minutes special about him. Plus, I have been reading all the sports writers opinions.Here are my views.
    Alex Rodriguez has gotten away too easy in this case. His giant use of steroids was a mockery to the sport of baseball and credible athletics everywhere. Without steroids he was a great player with immense talent. Without drugs, even I, as dye-heart Sox fan, would have voted him into Cooperstown.  According to his drug dealer, Anthony Bosch; before a 4 pm game, he would use over  10 drugs! One is bad enough, but 10 is unexceptionable.  Even during the trial, he was still being unbelievable. Bosch said that 3 days before he agreed to testify, A-rod sent him a bribe of 50 grand. Also, he said that one of Alex’s friends had threatened him with his life if he testified. These are horrible and shameful  things to do!
    But the worst part was the trial. He was going to get a great 212 game suspension. But he weaseled it down to one season. This reporter believes that no real justice was served to Alex Rodriguez  in this trial and to fully stop the damaging scandals of steroids, the MLB must flex it’s muscles for one time and make these cheaters understand that steroids comes with punishment. Mr. Rodriguez was their chance to do that and they failed.

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